Ford F-150 Electric leaked patent image (range-extender position)

Ford F-150 Electric Patent Shows Range-Extending Gas Generator

Last month, Ford announced a massive $ 700 million investment in its Rouge truck plant in Dearborn, where the next 2023 electric F-150 will be manufactured. This will be the cornerstone of the Blue Oval brand, as the truck is currently the best-selling nameplate in the US auto market and has been for decades.

Obviously, when a model is this popular and famous, it should be welcomed by many kinds of customers. Some like the horsepower, some like the looks, but others are mostly interested in running costs. And, maybe, a lot of people will get nervous about the all-electric F-150.

What is the solution? Leaked patent images, discovered by our colleagues at The reader, refer to the possible use of an interchangeable range extender. Submitted to the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office in April 2018 and released on September 15, the photos show a small toolbox-shaped range extender positioned in the truck bed.

One of the patent sketches reveals the actual layout of the burn range extender, but there is no information on the specifications of the unit. The patent description only states that “the engine operating specifications are design specific and can be selected to provide desired electrical power output”.

As The reader Note, the smallest Ford engine currently available is the 1.0-liter EcoBoost which has an output of 125 horsepower (93 kilowatts). After seeing what other manufacturers are using for range extenders, we highly doubt the three-cylinder is what the manufacturer would install in the F-150 EV.

Many questions remain to be answered. From what we know so far, the electric truck will be the most powerful and fastest F-150 yet, and the leaked range extender patents could suggest a possible solution to combat it. autonomy anxiety. It’s probably also important to note that the pickup will be able to be used as a mobile generator, similar to the jobsite power on board the gas versions.

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