Ford Explains Why 2021 F-150 Doesn’t Have Multifunction Tailgate

In recent years, truck tailgates have been a major area of ​​innovation in the truck segment. The 2019 GMC Sierra was avant-garde with its Multipro technology, and the Ram 1500 then came with a multifunctional design that could open outwards like barn doors. Ford opted for a different, slightly more traditional layout with the new F-150.

“What we have seen from our customers is that there is a lot of use on and around the tailgate. In the comments we received, usability was a key element,” said Dawn Piechocki, director technique of the F-150. Ford Authority.

Don’t think the F-150’s tailgate is old-fashioned, it’s just that the focus is on different things. The available tailgate work surface provides space for work such as cutting wood and taking measurements. There are even places dedicated to C-necklaces to avoid damage, as on previous generations of Ford vans.

“Many customers have used the tailgate for projects, whether [is] construction or DIY, work, help to the community. These improvements made sense compared to a different or more radical tailgate, “said Piechocki. Ford Authority.

The other nice feature of the F-150’s bed is also near the tailgate. The Pro Power Onboard generator provides 2.0 kW of electrical power on gasoline trucks. The hybrid model has a standard power of 2.4 kW or 7.2 kW as an option. Even the less powerful version can make tailgating easier by powering things like a TV, portable speakers and even an electric heater to stay warm. The 7.2 kW version even has a 240-volt outlet.

Inside, the new F-150 has even more clever features. For example, the gear change may fold and a work surface may take its place. When it’s time to rest, there are Max reclining seats that can recline almost 180 degrees.

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