Lego Ford Bronco

Ford Engineer Creates Lego Bronco SUV, But You Can’t Buy One

If there’s one vehicle revealed this year that would be perfect for a Lego set, it’s the 2021 Ford Bronco. Ford’s decision to resurrect the nameplate on a true off-road SUV appears to have been the right move. It will be months before it goes on sale, but a Ford engineer was eager to buy one.

Peter Blackert posted on Instagram, which was brought to our attention by Autoblog, two Lego Ford Broncos – a two-door, four-door model. Both creations are skillfully recreated in dizzying detail, but would you expect anything less from an engineer?

Both feature removable roof panels, a hallmark of the Bronco’s new design, but both creations go much further. They look like official kits that Lego itself would offer with the split hatch design, rear spare tire, fender flares, and square stance. The doors and hood even open. You might deceive some people into thinking this is the real deal.

The Bronco looks like a vehicle that could go cult with merchandise, clothes, and lots of cool toys – you have to influence these kids early on. An official Bronco Lego set would be a great way to appeal to kids, young and old, especially if they fill the void until the actual SUV hits the market.

Ford has gone to great lengths to try to ensure that the new Bronco respects and exceeds the legacy of its predecessor. The removable roof panels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bronco’s polished features, many of which will never be replicated in a Lego set.

The first batch of new Broncos won’t start arriving at dealerships until next spring. However, you can guarantee an order for one for a refundable deposit of $ 100. That doesn’t fill the next nine months or more, but something like the Lego Bronco above might help pass the time.

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