Ford Edge, Lincoln Nautilus SUVs On Verge Of Cancellation: Report

Sport utility vehicles and trucks reign supreme as the cars of choice in America. A few years ago, Ford doubled that by announcing a complete departure of sedans and sedans in the United States, leaving the Mustang as the only traditional car in the range. Now a new rumor suggests that some SUVs could get the ax very quickly, and frankly, it’s a bit shocking.

A report by The Detroit Bureau quotes the data-driven company Auto Forecast Solutions, saying that the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus could be abandoned. The report suggests a vague timeline from 2023 for that to happen, with replacements for the Edge and the Edge-based Nautilus allegedly in the works. However, there is no definitive source of information, and Ford did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the situation.

Stepping back to look at the whole, there is evidence to both refute and support the rumor. On the surface, abandoning the Edge and the Nautilus seems rather ridiculous – the Edge is one of the top five sellers for Ford and for 2019, sales increased 3.3% to 138,515 units. With many automakers reporting large sales declines in 2020 affected by a coronavirus, the Edge has always had a decent first quarter with sales down just 4.3%. As for the Nautilus, it is in fact Lincoln’s best-selling vehicle with 31,711 sales in 2019, an increase of 11%. These are not statistics that you expect to find on models facing imminent death, and it certainly questions the validity of the rumors.

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However, we do know that Ford has already done so. The Fusion sedan is dead, but it’s also on Ford’s top five sellers list, so the company certainly wants to take risks. Looking further into the future, two new SUVs are behind the scenes, namely the renown Bronco and the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Ford’s lineup will be soon very crowded with SUVs and Detroit office the report sheds light on it.

The Edge isn’t as popular as the Explorer or the Escape, so making room for fresh blood in the Ford fleet may well mean the disappearance of the Edge. It would also end the Nautilus, which is currently in free fall after having had a strong year in 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, sales of Nautilus fell by 33%.

If Ford offers additional insight into the situation, we will certainly intervene with an update.

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