Ford Crown Victoria Getting 27-Liter Tank Engine With 2,500 HP

The Ford Crown Victoria is not the go-to platform for tuners, but sometimes there is no other choice. It was in this position that the Swede Daniel Werner found himself when he needed to find something, anything, capable of managing the 27-liter V12 tank engine he had bought. Well, not just anything. It had to be cheap, but also sturdy enough to support the substantial size and weight of the mill, so he opted for a Crown Vic, the go-to choice for police in the United States for decades.

But the Crown Vic, a police interceptor imported from California in 2006, was not up to the Rolls-Royce Meteor engine. Werner, who Road and track interviewed, began strengthening the Vic’s suspension with Corvette C4 parts, but had to install a Chevy C10 truck front. The mill, which produces 2,500 horsepower (1,864 kilowatts), also poses other problems. The fuel is supplied by two injectors which can deliver 24 liters of fuel per minute, but if Werner runs the engine for too long, the V12’s coolant will boil.

Werner does not intend to race against the traded Crown Vic, nicknamed the Meteor Interceptor. Instead, he plans to take it north of the 200 mph (321 km / h) mark. According to Road and track, even if he found tires capable of harnessing the engine’s punch for a powerful launch, the gearbox would not survive. Even with upgrades, it is not designed to handle the 2,500 horsepower of the V12.

It is a strange and unique creation of someone who seeks to achieve a singular vehicular vision. To mount such a big and unsightly engine in something designed for occasional high speed pursuit seems downright bonker. However, that doesn’t make the project less exciting to see. The Meteor Interceptor is still far from finished, so in the meantime, you can follow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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