Ford Bronco Sport Police Interceptor Renderings

Ford Bronco Sport Renderings Imagine An Off-Road Police Vehicle

Ford has been the go-to automaker for law enforcement vehicles for decades, and the Blue Oval still patrols thousands of communities. The iconic police cruiser Crown Vic disappeared ten years ago, with the Explorer now the brand’s must-have vehicle for government departments. Ford expanded its lineup earlier this month, introducing the smaller Bronco Sport, and new renderings imagine what it would look like if Ford gave it the Police Interceptor treatment.

The rendering gives the Bronco Sport the appropriate black and white Ford PI livery with the necessary “To Protect and Serve” and “Emergency 911” decals. “Police Interceptor” is marked in prominent letters on the doors. The addition of a headlamp on the A-pillar, a grille guard, black steel rims and red and blue flashing lights on top give the SUV the appropriate aesthetic. There are also red and blue LED lights in the grille, in the taillights and on the tailgate.

The Bronco Sport Police Interceptor seems to integrate seamlessly with other Ford police vehicles, such as the Fusion Hybrid, the F-150 and the Transit Van. However, Ford is going further than giving police departments a blank slate with their vehicles for law enforcement. The automaker often adds other upgrades that would benefit law enforcement, like auxiliary powertrains, beefed up suspension and transmission, the latest passive and active safety features, and more.

We expected a Bronco Sport PI to get similar upgrades if Ford offered one, although we expected Ford to not offer the best features of the small SUV. These would be reserved for the Explorer, which offers several engines, including a hybrid. With many services moving to SUVs, gifting a smaller Bronco Sport PI might not be a bad idea. But for now, these are just renderings. The Bronco Sport isn’t even on sale yet.

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