Ford Bronco Sport Not Recommended For Flat Towing

The new Ford Bronco is still a hot topic in the off-road world. The smaller Bronco Sport debuted around the same time, but didn’t garner the same attention despite conquering the same tracks in Moab as its big brother. One thing it doesn’t conquer, however, is the open highway behind a large motorhome. That is, at least without some significant measure of secondary market modification in advance.

While the standard Bronco is designed by Ford for flat towing behind an RV, the Bronco Sport does not receive the same attention and is not recommended for such use. asked Ford point blank about the matter, and here’s what a spokesperson had to say:

“We did not design Bronco Sport for flat towing as our research shows that relatively few customers consider towing Bronco Sports compared to Bronco owners. However, we always listen to our customers and are open to their comments on desired future capabilities. “

For those who are a little confused right now, flat towing is where you tow a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground. You see this most often with larger RVs, as many adventure travelers are not inclined to drive around a huge house-sized vehicle for short trips once they reach a destination. of camping. As such, the smaller vehicles are often favored by the #RVlife crowd, although Ford obviously feels different this time around.

What prevents the Bronco Sport from being towed flat? Even with an automatic transmission in neutral and flat towing all The vehicle can cause excessive wear and damage to transmissions and possibly other transmission components that require lubrication by pumps driven by the engine. On the standard Bronco, placing its transfer case in neutral effectively disconnects all of the transmission components. This capability does not exist on the Bronco Sport, which means that some aftermarket lubrication or significant drivetrain disassembly would be required.

Ford says it “listens” to customers, and a recent decision to include a manual transmission for the Sasquatch package on the Bronco suggests executives are really listening. For now, RV travelers who want a Bronco runabout will have to forgo the Sport model.

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