Ford Bronco Sport, F-150 And Mach-E Order Guides Leak Online

2020 will certainly go down in history as a very difficult year for everyone. There is another element until 2020 which, at least for Ford, could bring positive news. No less than four new or updated Blue Oval models have arrived this year. The recently unveiled Bronco and Bronco Sport join the Mustang Mach-E (which technically debuted late last year) in the new category, with the F-150 also updated in the mix.

The automaker apparently has order guides ready for three of these vehicles, as the guides for the Mach-E, Bronco Sport and F-150 have infiltrated online forums. published the Bronco Sport order guide on July 15, and the Mach-E order guide has been available on since late June. has a extremely long guide to the new F-150, and we’re talking about 40 pages of standard equipment, optional items, packages, and more.

The Bronco Sport control guide is perhaps the most interesting here. With the Bronco, this is Ford’s most recent start and it has the potential to be a very good seller. Although linked to the Escape crossover, the Bronco Sport is actually shorter and narrower. It also has four-wheel drive as standard for all trim levels and incorporates five G.O.A.T modes with a locking rear differential available for certain legitimate off-road capabilities. Looking at the order guide, we see that the Bronco sports base remains fairly light on the optional equipment. The higher level Big Bend is required for features such as heated seats and a transparent sunroof.

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The Mach-E control guide doesn’t really show us everything we didn’t know about the next electric crossover. We’ve heard the car gets a slight boost in power, and with Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 available across the range, it’s targeting the Tesla directly for semi-autonomous capacity. The Mach-E GT is not included in this guide, however, leaving EV performance fans wanting more.

As for the F-150, Ford is renowned for offering parisons of different packages, options and combinations for its popular truck. The next-generation F-150 is certainly no exception, as the 40-page order guide lists countless towing packages, engines, powertrain combinations, paintwork, exterior trim, cabin options, trim options. body, cabin and bed options, interior equipment… you get the point. The truck even has 11 different grids to choose from, so when we say you could spend an afternoon looking at these guides, that really applies to the F-150.

These three vehicles will go on sale later this year, so you still have time to find the exact combination you want for your garage.

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