Ford Bronco Raptor Rendering Is All About The Details

Will Ford eventually build a Raptor version of the Bronco? Nothing is confirmed, but the rumor mill is certainly filled with varying degrees of Raptor for the new SUV. Now that it’s finally revealed, we see that it’s already exceptionally good in the off-road arena. It would seem that the only elements necessary for a Raptor makeover are harder looks and more power.

We can’t fix the power issue in the renderings, but TheSketchMonkey is looking at the aesthetics. In a new video, he gives the Bronco a makeover, but it’s actually rather difficult. Compared to the standard Ford F-150, the standard Bronco already has a muscular and all-terrain appearance. As such, creating a Raptor version is really an exercise in detailed modifications to affect a global upgrade.

Ford Bronco Raptor rendering
Ford Bronco Raptor rendering

This is explained in the video as the process progresses. Look closely and you will see that this Bronco Raptor rendering has slightly different wheels. The fender flares are just a little bigger, and you will see a side step under the door. The obvious changes relate to the face of the Bronco, where a Raptor-themed mesh grille and branded orange position lights are added. The bumper of the F-150 Raptor is borrowed verbatim for the Bronco, and it is finished with shading modifications to give it a more nasty overall appearance.

If anything, this rendering could offer an interesting argument against a Bronco Raptor. In terms of appearance, there isn’t much difference between the Raptor version and the more hardcore Bronco versions already available. In addition, these models already offer impressive off-road capabilities. To make a business case for a Bronco Raptor, you would almost certainly have to do something else with the suspension, but would that be enough to really separate it from the rest of the Bronco range? Something more Bronco R-like might work, but would it still be aggressive enough to keep buyers away from the Badlands or Wildtrak models?

So many questions. For now, the only answers we can offer come from renderings like this.

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