Ford Bronco Raptor All But Confirmed, And You Won’t Believe How

Friends, we love cars and we love getting the inside scoop on cars. We have a network of sources who share information with us and we do our best to respect their privacy. To that end, Bronco6G seems to understand and appreciate this as well, even when information like an upcoming Bronco Raptor is listed publicly on a LinkedIn account. Really? Yeah really.

This appears to be the case with a forum post earlier today. We don’t know how this information was found, but a LinkedIn profile of an alleged Ford engineer specifically mentions the work history related to the Bronco Raptor 2023. According to the LinkedIn profile, this person has a 28-year career with Ford. Hopefully this career will continue after this apparent misstep.

We did some additional research to try to confirm this information and found the original LinkedIn profile with no mention of a Bronco Raptor. To help protect that person, we won’t share any links or additional information, but the profile appears genuine. That said, it wouldn’t be hard to set up a fake account if someone wanted to get a quick shot at Bronco fans and American media types. Unfortunately there is no way to confirm anything more because Ford gave us a business no comment when we asked about it.

Has the profile changed after the news was published? Was it never there in the first place? Well-planned leaks certainly occur in the automotive field as part of stealth marketing campaigns, so there is a possibility that this was done on purpose. It’s also possible that this was a complete ruse, but honestly, we don’t think so. Ford has showcased high-speed off-road SUV action before with the Bronco R, and while a purebred racer is nowhere near something to buy from the dealership, the development is already here.

There’s a V8-powered Jeep Wrangler on the horizon too, and whether or not it’s good at high-speed antics, there’s always the question of bragging rights in the segment. Add to that this possible job description error, and we have considerable evidence to support a Bronco Raptor at some point over the next several years.

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