Ford Bronco Midnite Edition Forthcoming, Tuner Now Accepts Deposits

If there’s one pain that brand-new Ford Bronco buyers have to deal with, besides the fact that fully loaded first edition models run out quickly despite the increase in production, it’s that there is a multitude of options to choose from. Yes this is a problem if you are not sure what to look for.

Two or four doors, six trim levels, and eleven color choices – the possibilities are endless, with pricing starting at $ 28,500 for the Bronco 2-door and $ 33,200 for the 4-door, excluding destination fees.

But if you are undecided so far, Customs of Maxlider Brothers opened his order books for his own version of the Bronco – the Midnite Edition. The ad was posted on the Illinois-based tuner’s Facebook page and yes, the Bronco Midnite Edition was inspired by the Nite Edition in the early ’90s that was available for the Bronco and F-150.

There are no construction details yet other than likely use of the BDS suspensions and the Fox lift kit. Maxlider Brother Customs has also not disclosed a price at the time of writing, but the off-road specialist said those interested can start giving up their $ 500 deposits with the company.

By the way, the rendering used by Maxlider Brothers Customs was done by Innov8 Design Laband may differ from the final product. We think you can customize it, so feel free to contact these Illinois guys to clarify.

And oh, Maxlider Brothers Customs is a Ford authorized drop ship location, so if you ever have a custom one, you can order it from your dealership and have it shipped straight for construction.

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