Ford Bronco 2020

Ford Bronco Is Coming Back In 2020

Ford Bronco was a popular SUV model for much of the second half of the twentieth century. The vehicle was produced at Ford’s truck plant in Wayne, Michigan for nearly thirty years.

But in 1996, Ford stopped producing the Bronco. The company decided to switch over to production on the Expedition, another full-size SUV model.

The Bronco is making a comeback as it will be brought back on the market in 2020. This is part of Ford’s ongoing pivot to focus on SUVs and trucks over traditional vehicles. The new Bronco will be a mid-size SUV instead of a full-size model. It will also be built at the same Wayne factory that the original one was made in.

Ford Bronco 2020
Ford Bronco 2020

Details about the new Bronco have been coming out since 2016 when Ford was in the middle of negotiations with the United Auto Workers union. A year later, Ford confirmed that the company would be bringing back the Bronco in 2020. The return of the Bronco is expected to be a big deal that will be intriguing to the public. But the real question at this point entails what people will expect to find out of the Bronco as it makes its triumphant return.

Note: The details surrounding the 2020 Bronco so far are rumors, although there have been some interesting developments over how well the Bronco is being developed and what people might expect out of it.

How Is the Platform?

The platform of the 2020 Bronco will include two and four-door options. The four-door version would be the first time that the Bronco has been available in this format. The four-door version is also expected to have a slightly longer wheelbase than what older versions have utilized.

The body-on-frame design would be similar to what Ford uses on the Ranger. A live front axle could be included on the Bronco, although that is uncertain, what with the Ranger using an independent front suspension.

How About the Powertrain?

Since this is a mid-size SUV, you should not expect the 2020 Bronco to have an overly powerful engine. A four or six-cylinder engine should be good enough. A turbocharger would be required for either of these engines to help the vehicle propel forward. Some V8 engines had been used for the Bronco in the past, although that is not expected.

The 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine could also be a possibility. That engine has been a hit in many other Ford vehicles like the Edge ST and F-150. The fuel control system inside this engine makes it easier for the vehicle to work.

What About the Transmission?

A five or six-speed automatic transmission is expected. A manual transmission should also be included, although that option has not been as prominent in prior Bronco models as it had been for other vehicles. But the good news for fans of manual vehicles is that Ford has been working with the German company Getrag to produce a new manual transmission for its vehicles. The model is expected to be a seven-speed model for extra control.

Will It Be Like the Everest?

Ford technical officer Raj Nair has stated that the 2020 Bronco will be its own entity. The vehicle will not be like the Ford Everest.

The Ford Everest is a version of the Ranger made in the Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa markets. The vehicle comes with rear and four-wheel drive options and 2.2 or 3.2L engines depending on the model or market. But while this is an interesting vehicle, the Bronco will not be a re purposed version of the Everest offered for the American and Canadian markets.

What About the Price?

The 2020 Bronco will likely to be priced around the mid-level at $30,000 to $40,000. The vehicle is aiming to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, although the Wrangler known for being a little smaller in size while also offering an extra bit of power for offloading.

What Will People Expect?

The things that will come about in the 2020 Ford Bronco are unclear at this point. But it is certain that the 2020 Bronco will be one of the most intriguing vehicles that people will have to look at when finding an attractive SUV. It will be exciting to see how well the vehicle will look and what people can expect to find out of it as the vehicle comes forward in 2020.

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