Ford Bronco GOAT Mode Is A Real Thing, Exec Confirms

The launch date for the Ford Bronco is fast approaching, with a launch date expected to occur tomorrow, but which was later extended to July 13. the last is a confirmation of a report that was released as early as April.

According to an interview with Ford Icon Global Director Dave Pericak, Yahoo finance, which was posted on Twitter and picked up by our colleagues from Muscle Cars & Trucks, the incoming Ford Bronco will have a GOAT mode.

This confirmation supports the filing of an earlier trademark by the brand that we have previously reported. As a reminder, the first generation of Ford Bronco bore the nickname of G.O.A.T. or Go on any ground in the 1960s. And no, that doesn’t mean The best of all time but it can be if you’re a fan of the nameplate – kind of like an MJ vs. LeBron debate, but I’m getting lost.

Coming back, no details are mentioned on the GOAT mode of the Bronco, but Pericak said the Bronco would be better than the Jeep Wrangler in terms of smart features and technology. this confirms the statement of Ford’s chief operating officer Jim Farley about the Bronco, which is “a far superior product” to the Jeep off-roader.

Pericak also added that the Bronco Sport derived from the Escape will be a capable off-roader, despite its monocoque construction. He didn’t mention if he would also get GOAT mode, but it’s not really planned at this point.

We will know more about the Bronco range soon. As we mentioned, the latest generation of the Ford Bronco will make its world debut on July 13, 2020, which you can watch via a live stream.

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