Ford Bronco Debut Delayed Again, Now July 13

Ford is struggling with its Bronco revelation, and we sympathize. No one could have predicted the effects that the coronavirus would not only have on the automotive industry, but on everyone in the world. With a little light at the end of the tunnel, Ford finally landed on July 9, only to realize after the fact that the date was also O.J. Simpson’s birthday. Yeah, it’s embarrassing.

As such, Ford has decided to once again postpone the Bronco revelation. The reborn all-terrain vehicle will now arrive on July 13, according to an article on Ford’s official Twitter account.

As far as we know, July 13 should be a good day until the revelation takes place in Chicago. That day in 1919, the Chicago White Sox pitcher Carl Mays left the field in protest because his teammates literally dropped the ball and didn’t have it. Going back a little further, the world’s first cat show opened in London that day in 1871. Bronco doesn’t connect to cats, however, it should be fine.

Aside from the reflections, there is no denying the very strange coincidence of the revelation of Ford on July 9 corresponding to Simpson’s birthday. Of course, the connection between the former football star and the notorious actor in the low-speed police chase in June 1994, where he was a passenger in the white Ford Bronco. The chase was broadcast live on just about every major television network of the time, with the white Bronco prominently displayed in each shot. The two-hour saga would have been seen by 95 million people, forever mixing the destinies of Simpson and Bronco, whether Ford liked it or not.

To Ford’s credit, if the coronavirus hadn’t upset the natural order of things, we would have seen the Bronco in April – well before Simpson’s birthday or the lawsuit’s anniversary. And with Simpson’s dismal criminal record in the 26 years since that event, we can certainly understand why Ford decided to postpone the debut by a few days.

All indications suggest that the Bronco will be worth the wait. Spy photos as well as patent applications and leaked information indicate that it is a strong competitor to the Jeep Wrangler, offering removable doors and roof with serious off-road chops.

Hopefully the date of July 13 will finally be the one that will remain.

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