Ford Bronco Buyers Wanting a Painted Hardtop Must Wait, Like, a While

Ford Bronco Buyers Wanting a Painted Hardtop Must Wait, Like, a While

The Bronco Nation has picked up some interesting information about the availability of the Ford Bronco hardtop – and if you’re a reservation holder for a First Edition or Wildtrak model, you’ll want to be extra careful. These models were promised with black painted hardtops, but these were delayed. For now, all Broncos will ship with Color Molded Hardtops (MIC) in a “charred gray” color – essentially the usual color for unpainted dark plastic exterior trim.

The “Shadow Black” painted modular hardtop is still coming soon, but it will be delayed until the end of the initial 2021 model year. And if you still want one, you can choose to wait for it without otherwise losing your “Place online”, so to speak. If you want to go ahead and take delivery of a top MIC, the MSRP will be reduced by the price of the painted top upgrade, which is $ 1,895.


The other painted hardtop options will not appear until later. According to Bronco Nation, the super cool, retro white painted hardtop won’t arrive until 2022, as will the body-colored hardtop. For comparison, we have to point out that the Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop is available in a dark gray, non-gloss plastic finish, similar to the Bronco’s MIC work, as well as a painted finish in the body color.

Ford Bronco Arcadian Blue 2021

In summary, at launch, the soft top (standard on all four-door trim levels except Wildtrak and First Edition), MIC hardtops, and dual roofs (MIC and soft, four-door only) will all be available as usual. Only Wildtrak and First Edition reservation holders will have a choice. As with everyone else, the only frustration you’ll face is trying to load the Bronco configurator from the Ford site – as of this writing it’s overwhelmed with demand. Although annoying, it shows just how much interest this vehicle is generating.

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