Following Holden Retirement, GM To Launch New Brand In Australia

General Motors has had a pretty difficult relationship with the Holden brand and Australia in general. After closing operations for Holden and their dealers in February of this year, a move that has ruffled more than a few feathers, it looks like General Motors and their involvement in the Australian market will take a new direction with the introduction of what appears to be be another brand. Okay, so it might not be a brand in its own right, but it looks like it’s an organization dedicated to introducing specific GM vehicles. At least that’s what you’d expect.

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According to data collected by the GM Authority, some trademark filings confirm the arrival of GM Special Vehicles (GMSV) in Australia. Two filings with IP Australia on June 29 and July 3, days apart, under the names GMSV and SV Specialty Vehicles, would certainly spark anyone’s interest. Unfortunately, the record seems rather vague, with GMSV and SV Specialty Vehicles covering a wide range of products and services, such as: “Aircraft; boats; caravans and trailers; cycles and bicycles; vehicles, including motor vehicles; engines for motor vehicles; cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles; land vehicles; lighters and cigar lighters for motor vehicles; parts and accessories for all of the above. It sounds like anything that can have an engine.

From what we can tell, GMSV is looking to continue the work being done by Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), the new one that introduced the Chevrolet Camaro and Silverado to Australia with proper right-hand drive conversions. An actual model list has yet to be found, but there is talk of the Corvette possibly heading to Australia as well. Right now, the organization has yet to be finalized and a ton of details are missing. Either way, let’s see if GM does better with a little more focus this time around.

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