Flatbed Ford F-150 Raptor Is Supercharged For Good Measure

Even before the birth of the 2021 Ram TRX, supercharged V8 trucks were already a thing, but not with Ram trucks (none to our knowledge) but with one of its biggest opponents, the Ford F-150. Besides Hennessey Performance, PaxPower has been manufacturing these trucks for a few years now.

The latest creation from the Texas tuner is this Ford F-150 converted to a flatbed Raptor. It’s one of a kind, at least the company claims, and there are a handful (I think it’s pretty noticeable) of upgrades besides the Stage 2 Whipple compressor that boosts power output to 750. horsepower (559 kilowatts).

PaxPower Ford Raptor Flatbed V8
PaxPower Ford Raptor Flatbed V8

Obvious updates include Raptor OEM panels and components, while other parts such as the FabFours Aero bumper, Method wheels, Toyo tires and Borla exhaust have been selected by the owner of this truck. .

The custom tray, which features lightweight aluminum construction, was manufactured by TurnKey Industries. It has multiple connection points and is designed to carry various kinds of loads such as tanks, welders, snowmobiles or even a flatbed RV.

With these parts in place, the carrying capacity is increased, as PaxPower forgot to disclose its payload capacity. The company did mention, however, that its 5,000-pound mid-stroke airbag system was increased for the rear suspension. This damping system also allows for a smooth everyday ride, depending on the tuner.

PaxPower has not disclosed the price for this commissioned work, but we believe it won’t be cheap as its V8 Raptor and Diesel Raptor conversion starts at $ 25,000, excluding the donor vehicle which is expected to be the Ford F-150 coming out. If you are interested, you might want to visit the PaxPower website and send them a request.

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