First Rolls-Royce Electric Vehicle Coming This Decade: Report

First Rolls-Royce Electric Vehicle Coming This Decade: Report

Life is a little different when Rolls-Royce is involved. This is true from both an automaker’s perspective and a buyer’s perspective, but with the cheapest new Rolls costing well over $ 300,000, some differences are to be expected. Perhaps that’s why the ultra-luxury brand is quite late to the electric party, and it might still be some time before a Rolls-Royce EV hits the market.

This is the last word according to Automotive News Europe, who recently had the opportunity to speak to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös. The subject of electric power was discussed and the first dedicated electric vehicle from the niche manufacturer is reportedly under development. In addition, there are apparently no plans to build a hybrid vehicle. It looks like Rolls-Royce will either be all-in for electricity or all-in for internal combustion. There is no middle ground.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard executives from the London company talk about electricity. Concept electric vehicles first appeared almost a decade ago, and Müller-Ötvös has repeatedly said that electrics are the future, but only pure electric power at Rolls-Royce. The plan to avoid hybrids is apparently rooted in customer demand, or rather lack thereof. In fact, Rolls-Royce executives say their customers are not asking for electric vehicles either. But with many cities around the world planning to get rid of emissions in the near future, the company is keen to offer something that its customers can use in place of the old 6.75-liter mill.

Oddly enough, the report also alludes to Rolls-Royce customers as not being well suited to the electric vehicle lifestyle. Apparently, the manufacturer thinks that asking vehicle owners to remove a charging cable from the car and plug it in doesn’t fit the Rolls-Royce experience well. We’re just going to simmer and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions from such thoughts.

It’s unclear exactly when the first Rolls-Royce EV will arrive, and since we’re in the inaugural year of the roaring digital 20s, suffice to say a decade is not in the least specific. The new car will apparently use the same architecture that underlies the current models, and it is possible that the electric car will replace the Dawn or the Wraith in the Rolls-Royce lineup. For now, however, the luxury life continues with internal combustion engines.

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