Stella Alpina By Canossa Events

First Car Rally In Italy After Coranavirus Sells Out In Record Time

At the start of the global pandemic, Italy was one of the hardest hit countries. He was also one of the first to fall back, stop his economy and wait for COVID-19 to continue. And follow its course, at least in Italy, where the number of new cases per day fell to a net from a peak of nearly 1,000 in late March. And now that the Italians open the picturesque shutters of their country castles and go out, they want to drive.

Our friends at Canossa Events reported that their first car rally since the reopening of operations ended in a record of two weeks. While it’s not as quick as tickets sell for a Beyonce concert here in the United States, it’s remarkable given that the cost of entry is € 2,300 per person, or more than $ 2,500. US. The rally in question is called the Stella Alpina. It is an adrenaline-fueled three-day getaway through the Dolomites in Italy, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
About 70 cars participate in the rally from all over Europe (sorry Americans, we have to wear our masks more before we can participate) and include some 40 Ferraris and 30 other classic cars. While driving the tough hairpin turns in the Dolomites is the big draw, participants will also enjoy delicious Italian meals and hospitality, all coordinated by the organizers of Canossa’s professional events.

With the sale of Stella Alpina in record time, Canossa tells us that she is looking forward to resuming her regular calendar of popular gatherings in Europe, and possibly returning to the United States as well. If this is not reason enough to wear a mask, we do not know what it is.

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