Fiat 500L Camera Car Follows Ferrari SF90 Stradale As It Powerslides

Ferrari has been busy rather recently. From the test of a new electrified V6 powertrain to the filming of a remake of the Grand Rendez-Vous, the prancing horse has a full program. There is more to come in the coming months as two new cars will debut later this year. Meanwhile, it looks like the Fiorano race track the company owns is more than just testing prototypes, as an SF90 Stradale was there to shoot a new promo.

To fulfill the role of a photo car, a humble Fiat 500L costs about as much as some (actually, maybe just one) option boxes that you can check when ordering Ferrari’s first production plug-in hybrid model. We can see the powerliding SF90 Stradale as it enters one of the corners of the track, showing that having all-wheel drive does not necessarily mean that the car cannot be happy.

Some would argue that the powerliding of a Ferrari is a bit trivial considering the technological wonder that the SF90 Stradale represents, but a powerlide is fun no matter what the badge says on the car. We haven’t seen as much of Maranello’s PHEV since its debut in late May 2019, so a video showing the company’s most powerful car ever dancing on a race track comes at the right time.

One of the two new cars slated for release in 2020 could be an SF90 Spider, probably the only way to make the car even more desirable. It would follow another recent entry into the Ferrari convertible range, the 812 GTS serving as an open-top derivative of the Superfast. Speaking of which, the V12 engine could get a more robust version later this year like the other new car planned by the Italian brand.

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