Ferrari Purosangue SUV Likely Spied Hiding Under GTC4Lusso Test Mule

Ferrari Purosangue SUV Likely Spied Hiding Under GTC4Lusso Test Mule

The list of automakers without SUVs continues to shrink. Over the past few years we’ve seen brands like Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin roll out luxury cars to cash in on the SUV craze, and it’s a known fact that Ferrari is brewing its own printer. to tickets. . It has been in development for some time and will be introduced in the next couple of years as Purosangue.

New batch of images reveals Maranello’s very first SUV still hasn’t evolved beyond GTC4Lusso-based test mule, spy photographer noticed Walter vayr. The camouflage is the first clue that this car is not what it looks like, especially as one can immediately rule out a prototype for a future GTC4Lusso version given that the shooting brake was recently removed.

The test mule also appears to roll much higher than the older four-seater Ferrari, but the most obvious clue to the vehicle’s true identity is the beefier wheel arch. It’s noticeably wider at the front and rear axles, as one would expect from an SUV compared to the ill-fated replacement of the FF.

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Judging by the condition of this vehicle, don’t expect the production version to debut anytime soon. It will likely be released towards the end of 2022, as the 2018-2022 Ferrari product roadmap predicted in September 2018. Codenamed “175,” the Purosangue is expected to be fitted with a hybrid powertrain combining six-cylinder turbocharged combustion. or eight cylinders. motor with some electric motors.

The Italians have promised to keep the V12 engine alive for as long as possible, so a potential flagship version could feature the power plant. An upcoming hot version of the 812 Superfast tentatively called the “GTO” is said to take the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter unit past the 800-horsepower mark. Considering the Purosangue’s added weight, it will need all the extra oomph it can get to be worthy of the Prancing Horse badge.

We can’t wait to see prototypes of the Ferrari SUV with its own bodywork, but we’ll probably have to wait until around next year.

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