Ferrari Omologata One-Off Custom Is a Bespoke 812 Superfast

Ferrari Omologata One-Off Custom Is a Bespoke 812 Superfast

Buying a new Ferrari is obviously a special experience, but there are always some well-heeled people who feel that even checking all the option boxes or selecting a unique paint color is not enough to set their car apart from other buyers. For this reason, bespoke bodywork has become a big business, but not in terms of volume, but rather in terms of money and prestige. Take the recently unveiled and highly scandalous Aston Martin Victor, which is very much in that vein, as well as 10 V-12 Ferraris since 2009 – a list that now includes this custom Ferrari Omologata creation based on 812 Superfast.

Of course, for decades, custom bodywork has been the norm rather than the exception for rarefied European sports and luxury cars, and several body outfits might feature the same mechanics – for example, you could spice up your Ferrari. 212 from the early 1950s by Touring, Ghia, Vignale, Ghia-Aigle or Pininfarina. But what was relatively common then is almost unthinkable today given the need for the entire vehicle to function as a system optimized to meet safety standards, aerodynamic goals, etc.

And this type of bodywork is even rarer, more expensive and more personalized than ever. It took Ferrari two years to go from the initial commissioning to the final car, and the Moden-based company claims everything on the exterior is brand new except the windshield and headlights. The customer was looking for a timeless design that was also reminiscent of the company’s racing heritage – the Omologata’s racing stripes and giant meatballs on the hood and doors definitely telegraphed it. More importantly, the Omologata softens and installs the frenzied aesthetic of the 812 Superfast, which is aggressive but perhaps too busy to be considered truly good-looking. The lines of the Omologata – in Italian for “homologated”, as a nod to road cars homologated for racing – accentuate the overall length and proportions of the car and especially its organic curves, rather than the visually cut out. If the goal was a more classic Ferrari, the Omologata succeeds.

While Ferrari says little or nothing about the mechanics, the base 812 packs a 6.5-liter V-12 that puts out 789 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque – and you know the Omologata won’t be any weaker. As such, the new owner can expect his car to hit 100 km / h in about 2.8 seconds and cover the quarter mile in 10.4 seconds at 139 mph. And, of course, the Omologata will carry all of the other amazing chassis tech from the 812 Superfast.

Inside, special touches include electric blue accents on the seats and a crumpled paint finish on some interior components reminiscent of the cam covers of some classic racing Ferraris. The rest is black – surprisingly understated considering the combination of the pristine slate and the massive customization fees generally promoting questionable frivolity. Instead, the Omologata is a cohesive, albeit individualistic, reimagining of the 812 Superfast, and its owner now has a tasteful and chic – and, oh yes, extremely capable – Ferrari for the ages.

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