Ferrari F8 Tributo vs. 488 GTB and 458 Italia: How to Tell Them Apart

Ferrari F8 Tributo vs. 488 GTB and 458 Italia: How to Tell Them Apart

I just spent five fast and noisy days with a beautiful 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo in Rubino Micalizzato colorway. When you drive Ferraris people talk to you. People at gas stations, grocery stores – sometimes people wave for you to drop a window on the freeway and have a chat. With the F8 Tributo, they mostly say: “What is it?” A fair question considering that since the launch of the 458 Italia in 2011, Ferrari salespeople have been saying Italia, the 458 Speciale, the 488 GTB, the 488 Pista and now the F8 Tributo. Yes, I’m leaving out all the convertibles. It’s a plethora of mid-engined Ferrari V-8 designs to keep straight, especially since they’re all (sort of) the same car underneath and they look pretty damn alike if you’re not. paid (hi, mom!) To pay attention. Let’s take a closer look.


From the side view

From the side (and yes, out of the 66 press photos of the F8 Tributo, the blue one here is the best profile picture Ferrari has bothered to post), you can see that the difference between the F8 and the 488 is mainly , if not totally, aero tweaks. The F8 looks more chiseled than the slightly puffy 488. The divider under the nose is more pronounced on the F8 than on the 488. The divider in the enormous air intake is higher. The big plus on the side is how drastic the F8’s threshold is, especially right in front of the rear wheel. I’m sure it chops the air better, but I much prefer the slick look of the 488. The spoiler of the F8 is bigger and better looking.

Switching to the F8 over the 458 you can see how cleaner, more pure and streamlined the Italia was, especially between the wheels. The Tributo had a chisel – the switch to dual turbos with the 488 required the need for huge air intakes, one for each intercooler – and it’s certainly not as pretty as the 458. That said, you can see that the nose and rear end of the two – the parts outside the wheelbase – show a real similarity to each other.

From the front view

From the front, I think the F8 design is clearly the winner. It’s angry and cruel, almost like sticking out his tongue – Maori style. In addition, I dig the air intakes above the lights. Also, as we’ll see in a minute, the Tributo looks like a tougher version of Italy, while the 488 looks like a different car. Also, the GTB’s design is quite smooth in comparison. I love the F8’s wing tips, muscular and lean. Here the 488 looks like what it is: a tricky stage between the 458 and the F8, a stage someone has tried grafting the muzzle of an F1 onto. This is certainly the weakest angle of the 488 GTB.

Love this comparison, the front of the F8 versus the 458. I feel like the F8 was supposed to be what the 488 was supposed to look like, but there was some push on the marketing side of it. the company to make a very tenuous F1 link. You can see the devilish appearance of the 458 carried over to the even mean F8. Cartoonish? In the best possible way.

From the rear view

At the back, I would give it to the Tributo on the GTB. That said, I like the cleanliness and modernity of the 488, and there is certainly some ’80s cleansing with the butt of the F8. The good news is Ferraris looked great in the Reagan era! Again, the 488’s dual tail lights look great, but nostalgia dictates that all four are better. Look at an F40. And no, you can’t see out of the F8’s cut-out Lexan engine hood.

When it comes to the butt of the F8 compared to the butt of the 458, the Tributo looks like an evolution from Italy (admittedly a pumped up full of steroids). I think Ferrari missed an opportunity to stick the triple pipes of the 458 on the four-light rear of the F8, and thus pay homage to the F40. That said, the rear of the F8 is the nicer of these two.

And there we have it. Switching from naturally aspirated to forced induction caused the hard side of the 458/488 / F8 to be completely chopped up and scarred. Elegance was lost, period. That said, up front and rear, the F8 Tributo is a huge improvement over the picky styling of the 488, and it’s a playful and sleek iteration of the 458 Italia. And now you know what it is.

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