Ferrari F40-Inspired One-Off Planned?

The Ferrari F40 is undeniably a legend for the prancing horse. All car enthusiasts or fans of the Italian brand will be able to distinguish an F40 at a glance on this iconic wing from start to finish. And of course it should be red.

That said, a unique, modern version of the F40 isn’t a strange request from a Ferrari customer. And we might see one soon based on a report from The Supercar blog. Take it with a good dose of salt.

According to The Supercar Blog Report, a unique Ferrari will soon be revealed – as in A few days soon. The site’s sources claim that the new car will be a modern single-car inspired by the F40 and supposed to carry the “ SP42 ” nameplate. As for the powerhouse, The Supercar Blog speculates that it will carry a twin-turbo V8, more likely to be the 3.9-liter from the F8 Tributo.

Aside from what has been mentioned, there are no details yet on the unique Ferrari supercar. But if that report were to be true, we might expect a softer take on the rather square design of the iconic F40. The iconic wing should be there too, we believe.

Ferrari is no stranger to ad hoc customer requests. The SP38 was revealed two years ago, ordered by “one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers”. Months later, Maranello brought us the SP3JC, a V12 sunroof roadster based on the F12tdf. The Ferrari P80 / C was then unveiled in 2019, inspired by the 330 P3 / P4 and Dino 206 S racing cars.

Whether the rumors of another unique Ferrari are true or not, we will know the answer in a few days. As always, watch this space for it.

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