Ferrari F40 Crashed In Australia, But It Looks Salvageable

Ferrari F40 Crashed In Australia, But It Looks Salvageable

Photos from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia show a discouraging scene. Sitting just off an undisclosed road and partially below an embankment, is a red Ferrari F40 wreck. According to, no one was injured in the accident – there were two people inside at the time – but the Ferrari suffered significant damage after colliding with several panels before coming to a stop in its sorrow state.

“It’s pretty drunk,” Gold Coast police told the media. However, it is not clear whether the Ferrari was an original specimen, which would make it fairly rare and expensive, or a replica, which would be much cheaper to repair. “Crikey … if it’s real, it’s a costly mistake,” a police spokesperson told 7News. The photos show the car bearing dealer plates, which could mean that the car was on a test drive at the time of the accident.

Police say excessive speed may have been a factor as the driver “just lost control”. He received a ticket for “not controlling the vehicle”. The F40 is an icon and a relic, offered from 1987 to 1992, without the many safety aids that are standard features on today’s supercars. There’s not much between the driver, the 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8, its 478 horsepower (356 kilowatts) and 425 pound-feet (576 Newton meters) of torque, and the roadway.

The limited production associated with its legendary status and its supercar pedigree will make the repair of this Ferrari an expensive undertaking. However, if the Ferrari that caught fire in Monaco earlier this year is recoverable, we think it could be too. It is always upsetting to see a damaged supercar, but there is hope for it. Ferrari also didn’t make as many F40s. While in production for five years, the Italian supercar manufacturer has produced only 1,311 copies. Accidents like these will see these numbers decrease.

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