Ferrari F40 Consumed By Fire In Monaco May Live Again

If a vehicle is worth it and the owner has money to spend, even the considerable damage is repairable. For example, you may remember the Ferrari F40 which caught fire in Monaco in February 2020. The owner of the famous supercar is said to have decided to restore the car despite the fact that it was largely a charred mess of molten carbon fiber and aluminum.

A message on the Ferrari Owners Club NL Facebook group drew attention to the current and badly burned condition of the F40. In addition, a speaker on the Ferrari Chat forum said that a dealer in Germany had bought the car with the intention of restoring it. There was also a photo of a truck picking it up, probably to go to the new owner.

The photos provide an excellent overview of the extent of the damage. The front of the car looks surprisingly good, but the situation worsens quickly when you walk in the vehicle. The driver side is melted and part of the structure below is exposed. The cabin is even worse, and it’s hard to imagine that something could be recovered. The engine compartment at least as recognizable components, but there is nothing you would like to reuse for a restore.

Assuming that the information is correct that the new owner intends to rebuild the F40, there is a mechanic with a lot of billable hours from the completion of this project. It’s not like there is an F40 in every salvage yard to get spare parts. Ferrari Chat commentators have wondered whether a restoration was even feasible given the extent of the damage or whether the finished product would essentially be an F40 replica bearing an authentic VIN.

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