Ferrari Collector Explains How He Convinced Ford To Sell Him A GT

Car enthusiast or not, most people know the Ford GT, regardless of how famous it was at Le Mans and how recently it came back. YouTuber, Ferrari collector and jewelry mogul David Lee explains how he convinced the American automaker to sell him one.

With a channel called Ferrari collector David Lee, you wonder why he doesn’t take another prancing horse under his wing, but don’t worry because he’s filled in the blanks. He wanted a GT to fill the Ford vs. Ferrari narrative – the hardest part was grabbing one.

Having an existing collection with vehicles like the Ferrari Enzo, F40, F50, LaFerrari and the Schumacher F1 aftermarket car, it looks like you’d be hard pressed to get a reaction from David. Fortunately, Ford has a head start, because if you thought the GT was unique, the collector bought an extremely rare variant of the Carbon series with plenty of goodies on offer. Aside from a bare carbon fiber strip running the length of the car, the Special Edition cuts weight by 39 pounds thanks to the carbon fiber wheels, lug nuts and titanium exhaust, as well as ‘to a much thinner engine cover from the competition series.

Carrying the pedigree of his jeweler, David always chooses a watch to accompany each car he adds to his collection. In keeping with the GT theme, he opted for a Rolex GMT Batman in the matching colors blue, white and black. Just like the car, the watch carries the same philosophy of “rugged construction”.

Apart from the bracelets, the carbon tub of the GT road car is exactly the same as that of the GTE race car. Like the Ford, the McLaren 720S GT3 is one of the only other racing cars to share the carbon bin with the road variant.

There is no argument that Ferrari collector David Lee in hand on a very special vehicle.

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