Even This Tiny Toyota Minivan Is Getting The Gazoo Racing Treatment

Japan is known for many things, including its love for small cars Kei. These puny machines are ubiquitous on Japanese roads mainly because of their practicality and efficiency. As such, if you are lucky enough to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, don’t be surprised to see small square vans like this – the Toyota Roomy.

Technically, the Toyota Roomy isn’t a Kei car because of its 1.0-liter engine, but because of its size, it doesn’t deviate much. And yes, the small van has only 98 inches (2,490 millimeters) of wheelbase.

Despite its size, Toyota is keen to give its cute minivan the Gazoo Racing treatment. Well, at least in parts and accessories – sort of an updated version of previous parts from TRD. Spotted at GR parts official website, the Toyota Roomy is available to dress with selected GR parts as seen in the gallery above.

These include a set of aerodynamic parts: front and rear bumper spoilers, as well as side skirts. You can even order the front bumper spoiler with LED to maximize the look. Other parts include side fenders, front under strip, lower side strip (plating), lower rear strip, fog light trim, grille trim, rear reflector with trim, and rear fog lights.

Ordinary parts are also available, such as window visors, door handle guards and a license plate frame in carbon fiber finish. The site offers foil tape with the GR logo, just in case that is your jam.

If you find these GR pieces too tame for your taste, Modellista, a popular Japanese aftermarket company, is also offering visual updates for the Toyota Roomy. And yes, we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it’s Japan. You shouldn’t be surprised at all given their automotive culture.

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