Embassy Traveler Sport Camper Van Expands Size With Rear-Mount Porch

When it comes to RVs, having lots of space in an easy-to-maneuver vehicle is never a bad thing. Smaller conversions based on vans generally offer maneuverability, but generally sacrifice space and functionality. Large motorhomes are literally a home away from home, but you won’t park one in a tight garage for a night on the town.

Embassy seeks to close this gap with its Traveler series. Available using the Ram ProMaster or Ford Transit chassis, the Traveler expands indoors with a large tent enclosure that literally protrudes from the rear. A solid floor is supported by jacks at the rear, with a canvas tent forming the sides and the roof. In essence, it gives the traveler a large enclosed porch that can be configured to serve individual tastes.

Certainly, the extra space does not mean additional capacity for water tanks or more integrated functionality. However, the space in the van that could otherwise be used for sleeping or eating can be reallocated in the back, creating new living space. Nix the sides and you have an open platform for grilling. It’s a new approach to adding more space in a small RV, but it seems to do the trick.

The porch is familiar territory on the Ram-based Traveler PRL, but it’s also available on the Ford-based Traveler Sport. The Sport model combines warmer interior tones for fresher and more modern shades of white, black and blue. It also includes a removable refrigerator mounted separately from the kitchen, and there is a 32-inch extendable flat-screen TV that can swivel for viewing from the front or rear.

Otherwise, the standard kit includes a 420 Ah battery system with a 3000 watt inverter. It carries two 23.5-gallon tanks for fresh and gray water, and it offers a full kitchen and toilet with shower. The front sofa folds out into a bed, but with the optional back porch, there is obviously room for more beds.

The Traveler Sport would start at around $ 100,000, with options such as the back porch, which obviously cost more.

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