Dodge 8,950-HP 2021 Performance Lineup, Including Durango Hellcat

Dodge 8,950-HP 2021 Performance Lineup, Including Durango Hellcat

Dodge, never a brand to avoid patriotic marketing, has something big to tell us on Thursday. But until then, you will only have to play this maximum Murica teaser repeatedly.

A brief press release accompanying the teaser informs us that Dodge will deposit three other teaser videos on Wednesday July 1, each on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. A final teaser image will be released the morning of Thursday, July 2, before the big announcement, which will be broadcast live on later today at 12 noon. Eastern time.

What’s the big news? Dodge promises a full overview of its 2021 performance range, which means the Journey will not be mentioned. The predominantly muscular car brand says its expanding performance portfolio will deliver a combination of 8,950 hp, which is a lot, even for Dodge. The Hellcat-powered Durango that Dodge teased will undoubtedly contribute to that total, but even adding all of the current Hellcat models and a Durango Hellcat, you’ll only get 5,129 hp. Add models powered by the naturally aspirated 6.4-liter V8 and the sum is still less than 8950, which leads us to believe that Dodge has more than just a Durango Hellcat up its sleeve.

We’ll find out later this week as Dodge dribbles additional teasers, or you can just come back at noon Thursday for the whole enchilada.

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