Do It for Dale (Jr.) and Bid on His Old NASCAR Chevy SS Race Car

Do It for Dale (Jr.) and Bid on His Old NASCAR Chevy SS Race Car

Dale Earnhardt Jr. can no longer spend his weekends participating in NASCAR, but the North Carolina native’s mark on the sport remains as deep as ever. So why not let the world know that you are a fan of Dale Jr. by making an offer on one of its old racing machines?

This NASCAR Chevy was driven by the bully’s son himself five times between 2012 and 2014, according to documents provided to RM Sotheby’s. Designed specifically for road racing, this racing car with a bow tie brought Jr. to third place in Sonoma in 2014. His other four outings, however, were less successful, the car ranking 28th in its first race at Watkins Glen in 2012, 12th at Sonoma in 2013, and 30th and 11th at Watkins Glen in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

While the car originally wore a Chevy Impala body, it then adopted the SS look it sports today. Thorough reconstruction after retirement brought this old stock car back to its peak. He also saw a replacement Chevrolet R07 V-8, certified by Hendrick Racing, enter the engine compartment of the racing car. A passenger seat was also installed at the request of the car owner, although based on the images provided, it appears that the second seat has since been removed.

The old Jr. road racing Chevy has seen continued use even after leaving NASCAR, with the current owner taking it out regularly for rides on local roads – with a passenger in tow, nothing less! In short, this Chevy is not a garage work of art, but a real racing machine ready to go.


How much this piece of NASCAR history really goes remains a mystery. What we do know, however, is that RM Sotheby’s will sell the car at auction without reservation at its Elkhart Collection auction in late October.

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