Destruction Allstars Looks Wild, Will Debut On PlayStation 5

The introduction of the Sony Playstation 5 brings a lot to the table. Full 4K support, VR capabilities, backward compatibility with PS4, you get the idea. As for the course with a new console version, the new material comes with new games. Among all the new titles that will be released with the PS5, Destruction Allstars has piqued our interest.

Since we’re all locked inside for a little while, it’s no surprise that the gaming industry is booming. Whether you discover new games on Twitch streamers or play them yourself, you’ve probably heard of Wreckfest and / or Rocket League. While Wreckfest is more focused on the unmoderated destruction of your opponents, the vehicle-to-vehicle mechanics of both remain. However, one glaring omission from both is the player-to-vehicle combat.

Lucid Games took this missing mechanism and implemented it in Destruction Allstars. The developers took the best parts of the Rocket League and Wreckfest experiences, put them together, and added their own special sauce. The game includes all the great abilities to tear apart your opponents’ vehicles, but the fun doesn’t stop when your vehicle has disappeared. Once you’ve seen the end of the road, you’re kicked out of your vehicle and onto the playground.

After you have abandoned your scrap heap, the game changes completely. Not only will you have to avoid other players on foot, but you will always have to get away from other vehicles and obstacles on the course. Similar to Wreckfest, the arena is dotted with perilous devices that are sure to flatten you and your war chariot.

Lucid Games has not released an official release date for its new title, but we believe it will arrive alongside the PS5 which is expected to be released later this year.

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