Delayed 2021 Ford Bronco Reveal Accidentally Rescheduled on O.J. Simpson’s Birthday

Delayed 2021 Ford Bronco Reveal Accidentally Rescheduled on O.J. Simpson’s Birthday

UPDATE, 06/15/2020: Because 2020 is just one of those years, it seems, and because the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, the reprogrammed revelation of the 2021 Ford Bronco falls on O.J. Simpson’s birthday, July 9. The apparent coincidence was noticed by the Detroit Free Press. A Ford spokesperson confirmed to Free Press and MotorTrend that the Bronco’s debut will continue and that the timing is “purely coincidental”.

As most adult observers know, Simpson sadly infiltrated the back seat of a white Bronco SUV in a nationwide televised police chase in 1994. Accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ (Orenthal James) was ready to surrender to authorities, but he fled with a close friend and then launched a 60-mile low-speed chase that has been etched in the nation’s collective memories. from the mid-1990s. Broadcasters have interrupted their regular (and sports) programming to broadcast the uninspiring police chase (outside) live to nearly 100 million viewers. – Alexander Stoklosa

We’ve been waiting for it for years, and now it’s finally around the corner. The Ford Bronco 2021 will be unveiled in July, the automaker announced on its website. Originally, the Bronco was supposed to debut in March, but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons.

Like its predecessors, the new Ford Bronco will have a chassis on chassis and will be available in two- and four-door configurations. He shares his foundations with the Ford Ranger van. Under the hood, it should offer a 2.3-liter turbo-four and possibly a more efficient V-6. Power will likely be routed via a 10-speed automatic transmission from the F-150 and the Ranger, and a seven-speed manual transmission with an integrated crawler gear may also be in the cards. Stay tuned for a rechargeable Bronco hybrid on the horizon.

The Ford Bronco 2021 will feature retro design elements to honor its rich heritage. Buyers will be able to customize the model with a removable roof and removable doors. As Jeep does for its trusty 4 × 4, Ford will present hundreds of accessories for its off-road SUV. Ford’s rugged off-roader will also tackle the revived Land Rover Defender when it goes on sale.


As Ford wants to create a Bronco family of vehicles, we will see a Bronco Sport debut in the near future. It will have the same crossbones as the new Ford Escape, but with additional all-terrain chops. Expect him to share design clues with the larger Bronco. A report by Automotive news last month hinted that Bronco Sport will start production in September.

We do not yet know the exact sale dates of the Bronco and Bronco Sport. But as July approaches, we will soon find out more information. In the meantime, discover this Bronco prototype equipped with all-terrain parts of the Raptor type.

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