Daimler Designer Says Mercedes Is More Of A Lifestyle Brand Than Car Maker

Daimler is in the midst of an interesting process of rebuilding his business. Or rather, restructure its operations, which includes deeper ties with other manufacturers, rethink the Smart brand and make Mercedes-Benz more than just a car maker. In fact, the lead designer at Daimler believes the brand is already more of a lifestyle brand than an automaker.

In a recent Skype interview with Forbes“Nargess Banks, Daimler and Mercedes Design Director Gorden Wagener provided details on Mercedes’ transition to a luxury lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of products, from small town cars electric to Maybach limousines.

“I don’t see us so much as an automotive company, but more of a lifestyle and luxury brand, because our work goes far beyond cars,” Wagener said when asked to define the company he works for. “We are already on the list of the most influential lifestyle brands and our vision for the next ten years is to make Mercedes the most successful luxury brand. We know we have the potential and doing it will come from design, from creating emotions. It doesn’t just come from the products, but from the ecosystem that surrounds it. “

Returning to the automotive aspect of Mercedes’ business, Wagener ensured that the brand’s electric concept cars were as close as possible to the production electric vehicles of the EQ brand. Of course, don’t expect to see anything close to the Vision AVTR concept changing shape on the assembly lines, but “Vision cars are about 80% real, so you’ll see a lot of what’s happening. found on concept cars in our production EQs. ”

We are also happy to learn of Mercedes’ intentions to transform EQ into more than just a line of electric vehicles. Ultimately, Wagener wants to see it become a stand-alone brand but at least for now he sees it “as an independent brand taking the whole family (of Mercedes products) from A to S.”

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