Manila-Proofed Toyota Land Cruiser

Custom Toyota Land Cruiser Is Set To Conquer Urban Jungles And More

Have you ever been to Manila, or more exactly to Metro Manila? If you did, well, congratulations, you went to one of the worst places to drive in the world. And it’s not an exaggeration, coming from someone who has lived here all his life.

Motorcycles weaving precariously in and out of lanes, a six-lane lane filled to the brim with all types of cars, and potholes large enough to destroy even the suspensions of small crossovers – these are just a few- some of the opponents you can expect if you plan to drive here. Not to mention the floods that seem to come out of nowhere.

These are also the reasons why Atoy Customs – the same guys who built the slammed Toyota FJ Cruiser that we presented before – is the same with the idea of ​​a Manila-proof Toyota Land Cruiser. Photographed and presented by Rue63, this modified LC200 was built to withstand urban and tropical jungles.

At the front, Atoy Customs fitted this LC200 with a light front bar in Rival Russia aluminum in conjunction with 6 mm protective plates under the vehicle. Another form of protection is the Opposite Lock running board coated with Line-X. The rear end receives a Kaymar rear steel bar.

It is essentially a wraparound protection, supplemented by a complete Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 6 suspension system to resist the aforementioned crazy potholes. Side shoes, this LC200 is equipped with a set of Method 310 Con-6 18×9 wrapped in BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrain tires.

Too strong? I do not think so. It’s really so crazy here, especially before the pandemic hits us. At least the multitude of upgrades to this SUV could give its owner peace of mind wherever they go.

For the full list of upgrades for this Toyota Land Cruise LC200, see the press release section below, courtesy of Street63.

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