Lexus RX Goemon

Custom Lexus RX, NX Has The Wildest Grille We’ve Ever Seen

The Russian tuner SCL Global sells body kits for the Lexus RX and NX that give Japanese premium crossovers a scandalous style overhaul. It’s certainly not a look for anyone who wants to remain anonymous on the road. Many people don’t like the appearance of the Lexus grille, but that doesn’t seem like an improvement.

The company calls the RX Goemon kit. The most obvious change in style is at the front where there is a multi-faceted grille which has lines that lead the eye to the center. A tiny divider is below, and there are huge entrances in the corners. The hood has creases that go up to the windshield.

The wing flared blocks at both ends add even more angles to the revised body. At the rear, SCL Global fits a roof fin with a serrated shape and an embellished fin under the window. A new diffuser has vertical strakes and an opening in the center for the exhaust.

Kotaro is the name of the Lexus NX body kit, and it has a very similar overall appearance. Like that of the RX, the grille has a complex array of vertical and horizontal elements that lead the eye to the center of the design. The separator is a little different by having a more open shape than on the Goemon. The hood has a smoother shape with two openings near the windshield. The square wing rockets are still there, however.

The rear rooms include a new spoiler on the roof with edges that lead to a similar room under the window. There are now trim around the rear lights. The diffuser has thick vertical parts and a mesh along the top. There is an opening for the exhaust in the center.

The kits are so wild, especially in front, that we would like to see how people would react when they see one on the road. Confused looks would probably deserve to drive such a strange machine.

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