Custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat Convertible Could Be Yours For $95k

Custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat Convertible Could Be Yours For $95k

The Dodge Challenger has been in virtually unchanged production for over a decade. By this we mean really unchanged, and despite the soft-top versions of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge never opted for a Challenger convertible. We have seen conversions at times in the aftermarket, and that’s what we have here from Fair Oaks Motors in Virginia. And if you have $ 95,000 burning your bank account, you can buy it.

Before considering whether or not a new Challenger is worth six figures, consider that a new Hellcat already starts at $ 60,000. According to the dealer list, it’s not a base Hellcat either. It’s packed with several factory options and packages, including the great Harman Kardon stereo, the tech group that includes features like Adaptive Cruise, Driver Convenience Package with Blind Spot Monitoring, and other packages. With everything plugged in, the Hellcat is priced at $ 74,045. He is certainly a well-chosen Hellkitty.

Photo credit: Fair Oaks Motors

The details of the convertible conversion are not mentioned, but the installation of an electric folding top on a car not designed for a car is not remote easy. The total cost of the upgrade is $ 20,950, but we have to admit that the Challenger looks pretty good topless. And for those who tremble at the thought of massive Hellcat power in a roofless monocoque Challenger, the conversion includes strut braces up front and rear, and subframe connectors in below. It is not known if the bracing is sufficient to compensate for the structural loss of the roof, but it certainly helps.

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With everything added up, the asking price for this Sunroof Hellcat is $ 94,994. It’s certainly not cheap, but there’s no denying that Dodge has a group of dedicated buyers willing to pay big bucks for great horsepower. The dealership also offers a custom convertible Challenger Scat Pack for about $ 20,000 less, and the Hellcat listing mentions several discounts and incentives available. It is not known if these apply to a custom conversion like this.

You can’t buy a Challenger convertible from Dodge, and custom conversions are exceptionally rare. This outdoor Hellcat is really cool, but is it $ 95,000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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