Current Honda Civic Si Lease Deals Better Than The Toyota Corolla

Auto sales have taken a huge hit in the United States because of the coronavirus, and automakers have responded with pretty fantastic offers. However, the vast majority of these agreements are linked to purchases, either through late payments or zero percent financing rates. People interested in renting a new car have been almost overlooked, but a new report from Cars Direct highlights a new rental contract that could be fantastic, especially for fans of compact performance cars.

Honda offers impressive rental incentives for its popular Civic, both in sedan and sedan. Usually this involves the basic LX model, but this time the hot Si also draws attention. According to the report, you can grab the 2020 Si sedan without any amount of money for just $ 260 a month.

Nor is it a low mileage lease, with conditions allowing 12,000 miles per year on a 36 month lease. For comparison, the 2020 Toyota Corolla LE can be leased for $ 209 per month, but $ 1,999 is due on signing. With this down payment taken into account as a monthly cost, the rate is $ 265.

It sounds like a smoking agreement for a legitimately fun car with a certain level of performance, so why aren’t these lots sold? To begin with, it seems that this is not something that Honda is announcing. The report also says the rental agreement may vary by region, with this specific payment tied to the Los Angeles area. A quick check on Honda’s LA website shows just a promotional funding rate for the Si without a special rental offer, but talking directly to a dealer could bring the special deal to life.

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The rental incentive would only apply to Civic Si sedan models, although eligible two-door coupes would only add $ 10 per month to payment. People who prefer to buy can also get 1.9% financing for 60 months, but whether you choose a lease or purchase, offers expire on July 6.

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