Crazy Semi Renderings Depict Super Trucks From Pagani, Lambo, And More

Quick, what’s the least supercar thing you can imagine in the automotive world? If a 40-year-old dump truck covered in mud has popped into your brain, then you are in tune with the madness we are about to embrace. We can’t take all the credit here – the folks at FleetLogging showed us some crazy renderings that they created that imagine what trucks might look like if they were designed by supercar makers.

In this case, the word trucks doesn’t refer to a half-ton pickup with a supercar vibe. This time we’re talking about the big boys – semi-finishes, rigs, trucks or whatever they called your neck of the woods. Most trucks focus on function rather than form, but there’s no denying that the next seven machines flip that formula over their heads. How long will these ultra-low tires with 80,000 pounds last? What is the use of a cargo trailer that arbitrarily shrinks in size in various places for no apparent reason? Critical questions of course, but it is so not the point.

Let’s take a look at each design and then tell us in the comments which one you like the most.


Lamborghini Supertruck

We are opening with a platform that is both easily recognizable as a Lambo, while still providing some function. Praise the Urus for giving Lamborghini an air of practicality, but the vertical grille and enormous greenhouse could make it an efficient truck. However, loading pallets of goods into the beveled trailer would be a nightmare.


Pagani Supertruck

As with the Lambo, there is no doubt about the origin of the styling elements of this truck. The way the fender body lines flow into the cabin is neat, and there’s no denying that the overall shape is elegant. The trailer isn’t terribly large, but it could be a short haul machine or maybe a custom platform to haul your real Pagani from place to place.

Motors W

W Motors Supertruck

The company behind the Lykan HyperSport loves sharp angles. This rendering actually borrows from Lykan’s brother, the Fenyr SuyperSport. As such, he’s a stocky monkey with straighter lines than a high school drawing class. As for the narrow opening at the end of the trailer, it’s not exactly user-friendly but it matches the aesthetic of the design.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Supertruck

Frankly, we see considerable influence from Tesla in this design of Aston Martin. Does that mean a bunch of electric motors sit under the truck instead of a big V12? Trucks need huge torque, so presumably, all renderings here have either electric horsepower or a massive diesel engine. Caterpillar builds an industrial V12 with over 5,000 lb-ft of torque, so if you still want a 12-cylinder in your semi-Aston, there are options.


Ferrari Supertruck

Some might argue that all of the supercar semi-renderings here are sacrilege, but a prancing horse version might take the cake. That said, it looks good – even awesome. It is based on the Portofino and pulls a trailer that is both well adjusted and functional. Honestly, how cool would a fleet of Ferrari trucks be for the manufacturer’s F1 team? It’s not our favorite of the bunch, but it’s close.


Koenigsegg Supertruck

The wide and flat Koenigsegg Agera is the inspiration for this wide and flat truck. Honestly, this might be the most car-like of all of these renderings, but maybe that’s because the Agera is also rather slab-facing, kind of like a big rig. If we had to pick a truck capable of reaching the highest top speed in the peloton, this would be the one. Don’t hold your breath for a run over 280 km / h, however.


McLaren Supertruck

In our humble opinion, we’ve saved the best for last. Based on the 720S epic, FleetLogging’s taking a McLaren semi is twisty, swoopy and cleanly futuristic. It is also very orange, and while we don’t know how this truck would turn with the trailer almost flush with the rear of the cab, we love that it somehow resembles the company logo. It’s our top pick for trucking supercar styling.

Now what’s yours?

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