Chevy Corvette C8 with Pandem body kit

Corvette C8 With Pandem Widebody Kit Brings Wild Looks For $7,000

Pandem / Rocket Bunny is giving Mansory a run for its money when it comes to developing wild-looking body kits, and this Corvette C8 aftermarket package is no exception. Following the release of a muscular Toyota GR Yaris, the controversial turner turned to the mid-engined sports car assembled in Bowling Green. How can we describe it? Well let’s just say that’s a lot to take …

The full body kit, which includes the rear spoiler, will set you back $ 7,000 and will include those oversized front and rear fenders as well as the sturdier side skirts. Pandem also designed a divider in your face that could easily pass for a snow plow. The Corvette C8 is pictured here with virtually no ground clearance while rolling on a questionable set of custom wheels wrapped in Toyo’s sticky ultra-wide tires.

Pandem’s package is definitely not for everyone, but then again, most of their kits are love / hate story. The square wheel arches and the wrap-around fender give the Vette a striking SEMA-worthy look, but we won’t see it in Las Vegas this year because the show has been canceled.

Judging by these images and the video below, the widebody kit is just a render for now, but it’s definitely something you can buy given that Pandem is already taking orders in the US- United. Without the rear wing the price drops to $ 5,800, but we have a feeling most buyers are going to go all out and fork out the extra cash for the wing.

This is not the only widebody set developed by Pandem for a recent sports car as the tuner does not have one, but two kits suitable for the Toyota Supra A90. The company’s website has an entire section devoted to widebody kits, ranging from classics such as the BMW 8 Series (E31) and first-generation Mercedes 190E W201 to newer vehicles such as the Porsche Cayman and Ford F -150 Raptor.

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