Corvette C8 High Wing

Corvette Buyers Missing High Wing Option Can Try This C8.R-Inspired Alternative

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 comes with many different options, but a high fender is still not available. Fortunately, Victor Racing gives you an easy-to-install carbon fiber option for the C8.

Before we start a war in the comments, we are aware of the high fender available as an option from the dealer, but this carbon variant is on another level. It is not a special Lamborghini Countach that is pierced after the reception of your new vehicle. Not only is this model 70 inches wide, but it’s inspired by the C8.R race car. It won’t immediately turn your vehicle into a Jordan Taylor Corvette, but it can’t wait to please.

The Victor Racing product will be available for $ 1,699 and is more than just a piece of carbon that you apply to your car. While not the active wing that the company made previously, this version will come with three levels of tuning to optimize your daytime on-track experience. Sure, it looks good, but it’s also been tested with a maximum downforce of up to 225 km / h (140 mph) with no issues.

Aerolarri is the first to stock the VR brand wing and sells it with specially designed tips. While not depicted in press photos, bare carbon versions inspired by the C8.R or SR-71 Blackbird will be available for $ 249. However, the brand has a special launch period where they will throw the bits away for free.

While all of this is all well and good, you may be curious how the new wing will adjust to your pride and joy. As the Victor Racing option is further away than the stock models, some drilling is required. We’ll let you decide if you like it or not, but if you want it on your vehicle, know that you have to be engaged – luckily, the fender doesn’t restrict your view out of the rearview mirror.

In addition to taking an electric drill on your Vette, the wing is quite simple to install. An aluminum backing plate goes under the trunk lid that acts as a guide to show you exactly where to drill.

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