Citroen Type H Classic Van Body Kit Is Alive In All Of Its Retro Glory

Fabrizio Caselani is back with another modern take on the classic Citroën Type H van. After revealing the larger model based on the Citroen Jumper in 2017, the company unveiled a smaller and even cuter Type HG kit for the Citroen Space. Tourer (passenger) and the Citroen Jumpy (cargo) at Modena Motor Gallery 2020 last month.

The basic concept is the same as before – the exterior panels can be fitted to the van body without further modifications. When all the parts are fitted, the connection to the original Type H is clearly evident, especially when you look at the front with those big round headlights.

The company will offer the Type HG in a number of lengths and body styles. There are five different base models to choose from, including electric panel vans and passenger vans, as well as classic combustion variants. For each model there are three lengths – XS, M and XL which can accommodate up to eight passengers depending on the configuration.

The reinvented Type H van project was born in 2017 when Fabrizio Caselani unveiled the larger model, designed and developed in cooperation with David Obendorfer. It’s important to say that old and new body kits are not just shoddy plastic add-ons, as the team that developed them has been in constant contact with Citroën engineers.

Citroën Type HG by Caselani
Citroën Type HG by Caselani

Only 70 examples of the first H-type packaging have been produced and we have yet to find out what the production cycle is for the new HG-type model. The price of the conversion kit, regardless of length and body type chosen, costs $ 14,800 for the kit itself, assembly and paint, or about $ 17,450 at current exchange rates. Check out the full price list here.

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