Chrysler Grand Caravan To Be Built And Sold In Canada

The Dodge Grand Caravan reached its end a few months ago, although it was the best-selling minivan in the United States in 2019. With it, 1,500 jobs were created at the assembly plant of Windsor, Ontario, where it became a two-team operation in June.

However, it looks like the Grand Caravan’s nameplate will live to see another day soon, according to a report by Auto News Canada. It won’t be under Dodge, however, but under Chrysler which should be offered for the Canadian market, under the Pacifica as a more affordable model.

In case you’re wondering why there’s a picture of the Chrysler Voyager here, it’s because the next Chrysler Grand Caravan is essentially a Voyager rebadged for the neighboring country.

According to Mike Szymkiewicz, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Volume Planning for FCA Canada, the decision to take the Grand Caravan nameplate is due to its wider recognition in the country. On the other hand, Dodge can now focus as a performance-oriented brand without a minivan in its lineup.

According to the report, the Chrysler Grand Caravan will have two trim levels. The base version will start at $ 37,995 and will be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 and a nine-speed automatic transmission. The SXT version, on the other hand, will be priced at $ 39,995.

The next Chrysler Grand Caravan will leave the same CFA Windsor plant this summer, although an exact date has not yet been announced. However, that will not bring more jobs to the assembly plant, Auto News Canada report.

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