Chevy Unveils New LS427/570 Crate Engine

DETROIT – Chevrolet Performance today announced the all-new LS427 / 570 * checkout engine – an improved version of the production-based 7.0L LS7 engine that offers more power, more torque and, thanks to a system of simpler wet sump lubrication, easier installation.

New high-lift camshaft developed specifically for this engine helps produce an estimated horsepower of 570 horsepower and 540 lb-ft of torque estimated by GM – an increase of 65 horsepower and 70 lb-ft compared to the standard engine – while the new wet sump Lubrication system eliminates the need for the installer to incorporate a separate oil tank, oil lines and other auxiliary components to support the dry sump system of LS7 production .

“The all-new LS427 / 570 builds on the legendary racing performance of the LS7 to create the most powerful naturally aspirated LS crate engine in our portfolio,” said Jessica Earl, director of GM specialty marketing.

Compared to the standard LS7 body motor assembly, the LS427 / 570 has an F-body aluminum oil pan and a specific wet sump oil pump. Other highlights of the engine:

  • Single high lift hydraulic roller camshaft with 0.591 inch suction / 0.590 inch exhaust lift; Admission duration of 227 degrees / exhaust duration of 242 degrees; and a 116-degree lobe separation angle
  • Unique high flow valve springs
  • Camaro fifth generation Z / 28 exhaust manifolds
  • Low profile EFI LS7 intake manifold with fuel rail, injectors and throttle body installed
  • Robust LS7 rotary assembly with forged steel crankshaft and titanium connecting rods
  • CNC-ported cylinder heads with 2.20-inch titanium intake valves and 1.61-inch sodium-filled exhaust valves
  • Flywheel with manual transmission Camaro Z / 28 168 teeth of fourteen inches
  • Must be used with LS427 / 570 P / N 19420000 motor controller (sold separately)
  • Chevrolet Performance recommends using Mobil 1 15W50 fully synthetic engine oil with the engine

The new LS427 / 570 is available for immediate order from Chevrolet Performance dealers and retailers. Go to to find a dealer.


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* Due to its effect on the emissions performance of a vehicle, this engine is exclusively intended for use in competition vehicles. This engine is designed and intended to be used in vehicles used exclusively for competition: in a race or in organized competition on courses separate from public roads or highways. Installing or using this engine on a vehicle traveling on public highways or highways may violate the laws and regulations of the United States, Canada and the states and provinces relating to motor vehicle emissions.

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