Chevy Silverado Beats Ram In Truck Sales Through First Half Of Year

The slow and dreaded first six months of 2020 are now a thing of the past and, of course, sales numbers are coming. While we are expecting a huge drop in numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first half also saw a bit of a shift in terms of supremacy in the truck segment.

The Chevy Silverado takes second place from Ram this year, according to official sales figures released by Big Three of Detroit. The margin is not that high, however, so we could see an upheaval towards the end of the year.

Chevrolet was able to deliver a total of 267,166 Silverado trucks from January to June, which consist of light, medium and heavy trucks. Most of this number goes to the Light Silverado, which sold more than 200,000 samples in the first half of 2020. Note, despite the pandemic and strict restrictions in certain regions of the country, the golden bow tie sold more Silverados this time. compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, sales of Ram trucks dropped 18% from January to June 2020. Ram sold only 246,253 trucks during the period. This is an interesting development, as Chevrolet finished 2019 lagging behind Ram in the truck race.

It’s no surprise, however, since we saw the Silverado regain momentum and beat Ram in sales at the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Meanwhile, Ford continues to dominate truck sales, overtaking Chevy and Ram by at least 100,000 units. This is despite an 18% loss from the same period last year, but we expect sales of F-Series trucks to increase with the introduction of the 14th generation Ford F-150 last month.

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