Chevy LS427/570 Crate Engine Is the Camaro Z/28’s LS7 On Steroids

Chevy LS427/570 Crate Engine Is the Camaro Z/28’s LS7 On Steroids

The Chevrolet Small Block V8 family of engines is a popular trade-off candidate for virtually all shaded performance cars due to its ubiquity and compact, lightweight nature. Want to shoehorn a V-8 into, say, a Mazda MX-5 Miata? A small Chevy V-8 block fits and doesn’t add a lot of weight – so what are you waiting for ?! If you want to compensate for the practical aspects of the Chevy V-8 with, say, a little crazier, aim for the new LS427 / 570 V-8 crate engine. It is the most powerful naturally aspirated small-block LS engine in the Chevrolet performance parts catalog.

The LS427 / 570, as its name suggests, is a monster of 7.0 liters and 427 cubic inches. This “570” is a reference to its claimed peak power, 570 ponies, at 6,200 rpm. (Torque is expected to be 540 lb-ft, peaking at 4800 rpm.) This new crate engine is based on the crate version of the powerful LS7 which powered the fifth generation Camaro Z / 28 production track car (now gone), but has been fully upgraded to add 65 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of additional torque.

Parts that distinguish the old LS7 from the new LS427 body include a new high-lift camshaft valve springs the fifth-generation Camaro Z / 28 exhaust manifolds and a wet-sump lubrication system . This eliminates the need for installers to install an external oil tank, lines and other accessories required by the dry sump of the LS7 stock. The Z / 28 also brings its flywheel, its intake manifold and its throttle body to the LS427 case engine. Not included? The LS427 motor controller. Additionally, Chevrolet describes this engine as intended for competition, although we are sure that if you live in a state where inspections are mild (or not at all), this may not be entirely true – check your local laws before you do anything.

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You can find more power than the LS427 / 570 provides elsewhere in the Chevrolet performance parts catalog, but to get it you will have to switch to a big block format or something with forced induction. (For example, the current Camaro ZL1 1LE, the closest analog to the discontinued Z / 28, produces 650 horsepower from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8.) These two attributes probably mean a larger engine package , which means an exchange in a tight engine the bay can be a non-starter. In any event, the LS427 is now available to order; we have contacted Chevrolet for pricing details and will update this space when we respond.

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