Chevy Corvette Celebrates Production Milestone: 1,750,000 Units

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 had a rather difficult initial model year, with the UAW strike delaying the start of production and the COVID-19 outbreak forcing General Motors to temporarily halt operations. The Bowling Green, Ky., Assembly plant returned to normal at the end of May and workers have been pumping coupes ever since, with the convertible arriving on the assembly line earlier this month.

GM is now in a festive mood as the 1,750,000e The Corvette rolled off the assembly line, after the millionth Corvette built during 1992MY and the number 1,500,000 Corvette assembled during 2009MY. The flagship car was assembled last Friday and was built as a tribute to the very first production Corvette of 1953.

The 1,750,000th Chevy Corvette

It’s a generously equipped 3LT finished in Arctic White with an Adrenaline Red interior as a nod to the 1953 Corvette OG and its Polo White exterior and red cabin. The vehicle is equipped with the optional Z51 Performance Package and benefits from several other perks, including the front linkage system, engine appearance package and five-spoke sterling silver machined face aluminum wheels. Overall, we’re looking at a C8 priced at over $ 81,000.

For now, the mid-engined Chevy will reside at the National Corvette Museum where it will share the limelight with the aforementioned flagship cars. It will be drawn on Friday September 4 as part of the 26e Anniversary celebration event, and tickets are $ 200 per pop, with the draw limited to 1,500 tickets.

While all Corvettes built in the past 67 years at the Bowling Green assembly plant had a left-hand drive layout, it is a known fact that the C8 will also be assembled as an RHD from the next year. The coupe and convertible models will be built to meet the needs of markets such as the UK, Japan and Australia, the latter bypassing the Chevy and Holden badges for the new General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) banner.

Meanwhile, the factory will switch to the 2021 model year in November and the car will come with several updates. Besides the fresh colors and stripes, the biggest change will be the magnetic selective driving control available separately in the Z51 pack.

The base price will remain the same, $ 59,995 for the coupe and $ 67,495 for the convertible, but some options will cost more. If you have the 2020 Corvette on order and will be transferring to the 2021MY, you will also be charged additional fees for these options.

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