Chevy Corvette C6 Driver Caught Going 131 MPH On South Dakota Highway

South Dakota is a land with wide open spaces and generous speed limits. Only two main highways are located at this location: I-90 which spans the entire state from east to west and I-29 which stretches from north to south. You’ll find I-29 on the state’s Far East border with Minnesota, and traveling north, the highway is as straight and flat as sorry. The suit was found to be too tough for this Chevrolet Corvette driver.

The South Dakota highway patrol shared an image of a Watertown-based patrol vehicle on July 1, stopped with a silver C6 corvette. Watertown is located in the northeastern part of the state off I-29, where minor speed event took place. The photo clearly shows a 131 mph speed indicated by radar; at this particular location, the speed limit on I-29 is 80 mph, so the ‘Vette was 51 mph faster than the posted speed. It looks like an expensive ticket.

It might be really expensive, however. The message says that two cars were stopped for the race, so we could now talk about reckless driving or even worse charges. Road racing can easily mean suspended licenses, impounded cars and even prison terms for drivers. We have no idea what ultimately happened in this situation, but at the very least, we think these drivers are lighter in the portfolio.

If there is a good side here, it is that it happened on an open, flat and very straight stretch of highway. It’s not necessarily empty, however – the intersection of I-29 and SD 81 (as seen in the photo) is just north of Watertown, which has a population of over 22,000. Street racing is never a good idea, but this is especially true near big cities. And since this photo was taken during the day, it was obviously not a legend of the end of the evening on a deserted road.

In the United States, many highways are experiencing reduced traffic due to coronavirus, and the temptation to jump into the accelerator is certainly strong. We hope that cooler heads will prevail in these situations, especially as America heads for a long weekend of vacation. Stay safe there everyone.

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