Chevy Camaro Caught Doing Double The Speed Limit, Car Impounded

Speeding on public roads is the recipe for disaster. It’s stupid and dangerous, but it could also be costly. This is what two Canadians learned recently when police seized their vehicle after being caught overtaking. The pair were arrested in Nova Scotia when an off-duty police officer spotted two cars – a Chevy Camaro and a Mercedes-AMG C63 – speeding, reaching nearly 150 miles per hour (232 kilometers per hour) , according to MotorIllustrated.comReport of.

Both have reportedly been charged with “stunting,” which in Canada is defined as a driver who performs or engages in “any stunts or other activity on a road that may distract, surprise or annoy other road users. the road. . Double the speed limit seems to fall within this definition. The road the two were taken on has a speed limit of 110 km / h.

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The consequences of such madness on the road are also harsh. Each driver, aged 43 and 48, was fined $ 2,422.50 when apprehended over the weekend. They also saw their vehicles seized and impounded, and each had their driver’s license suspended for seven days. The post said the two weren’t the only ones caught speeding in the Canadian province. Police arrested another driver for cruising at 167 km / h in a 68 mph zone.

This is not the first time that Canadian police have seized vehicles implicated in illegal activity. Last summer, police seized a McLaren 600LT just 10 minutes after the driver took possession of it. It was timed at 100 mph (161 km / h) in a 55 mph (90 km / h) zone. A year before that, police seized a Lamborghini Aventador SV and a McLaren 675LT Spider for speeding. It’s one thing to be fined for speeding, but it’s another to get your car screwed. It’s a mess nobody wants.

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