Chevy Blazer Rendered As Rugged, Off-Road Ford Bronco Fighter

The Chevy Blazer which is on sale today, reintroduced after a 25-year hiatus for the 2019 model year, is not a robust all-terrain vehicle like its predecessors. The boxy Blazer, body on frame, is long gone, replaced by a comfortable family crossover with an angular appearance, similar to a Camaro. With the return of the Ford Bronco, and embracing its past, we thought we would give the Blazer a makeover that would transform it into a real Bronco competitor.

It is not easy to move the model away from its sharp-edged appearance. The thin slit daytime running lights remain hidden under the hood, but the rest of the front fascia has been completely redesigned. The Blazer’s face is also shorter, providing more ground clearance than before. The front is also stockier with a smaller grille and an abundant amount of coating, which also wraps around the wheel arches. There are also two tow hooks.

Another necessary change was to make the windshield straighter to give the whole vehicle a more square appearance. An LED light bar on the roof, seated in front of a roof rack, reinvents the all-terrain aesthetic of the model. Massive and greedy off-road tires combined with running boards complete the modifications made to the Blazer. The sturdy Blazer is closer to what the Bronco brings to the table, but it still lacks many staples like removable doors and roof panels. This would require a complete overhaul of the Blazer.

Ford revived the Bronco with the intention of competing with the Jeep Wrangler. Chevy has taken a different path with the name of Blazer, although it is one of the many once robust SUVs that have gone limp in pursuit of the mass market appeal today. The Chevy Blazer is just one example, although there are others like the Honda Passport. Chevy is unlikely to redefine the position and purpose of the Blazer anytime soon. It may not be up to the capacity of its predecessor, but its first full year of sales in 2019 reached nearly 60,000. Until June 2020, sales were already north of 40,000.

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